2021 Tabletop Essentials: Perfect Dinnerware for the New Year

2021 Tabletop Essentials: Perfect Dinnerware for the New Year

As the Hospitality industry continues to work through following necessary Covid-19 guidelines and precautions, tabletop presentation is still just as important as we enter the new year. Trends such as colors, shapes, crystals, and even the finishing on the dishes can make a huge impact on the impression diners can have, and overall aesthetic of any modern or traditional tablescape. With our wide selection of dinnerware, glassware, flatware, and accessories, we’re here to help forecast the tabletop trends of 2021 and help restaurants build the tabletop of their dreams, enhancing the overall dining experience, and creating a photo-worthy tablescape.

Bright White Dinnerware

While Bright White dinnerware is timeless and classic, there’s no question it’ll still be all the rave for 2021. Bright white dinnerware collections are timeless, and offer great ways to showcase vibrant colors and highlight ingredients that make up a restaurant’s signature dish. With a white blank canvas, dishes can make a deep and colorful impact in the minds of diners and really make those instagram photos pop. At Masterchef Warehouse, we have several collections that are perfect for restaurants that are looking for the classic snow white dinnerware to plate and serve their masterpieces on. The Fine Lines Collection features 50 unique and elegant white pieces that include the Fine Lines 5 Section tray on which Chefs can create a mosaic-like appetizer platter of multiple colors. Also found within the collection, the Fine Lines 10 inch Spaghetti Plate is perfect for showcasing new and exciting pasta options like squid-ink spaghetti or vibrant green zoodles made with zucchini. A much more aesthetically modern collection that restaurants can select from is the Orbe collection. This collection features gems like the Ovo plate which is perfect for a Chef to use as their personal canvas. Chefs can make dinner look like a work of art with this plate, using the little divot for sauce like an artist would dip their paint brush. Similarly, Chefs will love the Bloom plate which can be used to plate up an elegantly designed steak or pasta dish that is bound to get Instagram buzzing.

Earth Inspired Ceramic

The organic and earth toned inspired dinnerware is also forecasted to trend in 2021. As opposed to implementing classic white or other monotone color schemes, colors that reflect the Earth and its natural hues can offer restaurants a chance to enhance the tastes of their menu, and complete the aesthetic of their establishment. Earthy tones can fit in with multiple themes be in nautical, celebratory, eclectic, or something in between. The Brownstone and Bluestone collections are more than up to the task of giving diners an organic and earthy visual to go along with their meal. From the Brownstone collections Chefs can use the 9 inch Square plate with its silver to brown ombre effect to showcase that shrimp or slice of cherry pie to perfection. A beautiful plate can elevate any dish, but the Bluestone collection can also elevate drinks as well. From the Bluestone collection diners can enjoy pouring drinks with style using the 11 oz Saki Pot and 1 oz Saki cup. These items are great for traditional saki but guests could have a fun time pouring any number of drinks out of the pot and sharing the idea with the masses.

Lucaris Titanium Crystal

The clear and sparkling elegance of Lucaris Titanium crystal glassware is sure to grace tabletops this coming 2021. Crystal flutes and glasses are an ideal way to showcase the many cocktails and other mixology creations that will trend in the new year. Steady in popularity, the Hip Titanium Crystal collection and the Desire Titanium Collection are sure to elevate tabletop presentations this year. From the Hip Collection restaurateurs can use statement pieces like the 30.75 oz Hip Burgundy for those who love to swirl their drinks and really release the aromas or the aptly 15.5 oz Long Drink glass for those who want a tall glass cocktail to really last them through the meal and show off the layers that make up certain cocktails. From the Desire collection restaurants can choose beautiful pieces like the 23.75 oz Robust Red glass with its unique and instagram worthy shape, and the 12.25 oz Crisp White Glass for an elegant tulip shape that can really showcase the elegance of white wine.

Matte Flatware

The promising trend that is sure to be a hit this coming 2021 is flatware with unique finishes, such as a matte finish Gleaming silverware and cutlery will never go out of style but a different finish like matte can leave a refreshing and memorable impression on diners. Matte flatware is very versatile and can pair up with classics like the pure white dinnerware and make a statement or can match up with the more rugged earth inspired dinnerware and add even more impact. Our Barcelona PVD Flatware collection offers the perfect array of matte color finishes, perfect to grab a diner’s attention and elevate a tablescape in need of a little bit of reinventing. From the PVD Flatware collection Chefs can add knives, forks, and spoons in shades of matte black, champagne, copper, gold, or satin. Each set of colors is visually stunning. The lighter hues like the gold or satin can brighten up any darker table setting, whereas the darker hues like the black or copper can provide a timeless elegance, with a bit of a modern twist to the tabletop presentations they are incorporated into.

Whatever the season or occasion, complete the tabletop presentation of your dreams with our selection of tableware on our website and through our catalog!

Written by: Raidah Islam

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