Warm Hands in Winter: The Best Mugs for Hot Drinks This Season

Warm Hands in Winter: The Best Mugs for Hot Drinks This Season

There is a definite chill in the air, signaling that the time for chilled Mai Tais, Mojitos, and popsicles are officially over for the year. Now is the time for piping hot drinks to spread warmth and chase away the cold. Coffee, tea, and especially hot chocolate are some of the go to drinks for the fall and winter seasons. Just like how our selection of crystal glassware can elevate a freshly mixed cocktail, the perfect mug or tea cup can make all the difference in imprinting an establishment’s hot beverage menu into the foodie palette memory of the drinker, or make a lasting impression in instagram worthy captures. With our wide variety of drinkware, we help restaurants find their ideal mugs or cups to make their hot beverage menu stand out in style.

The Classic Cappuccino Cup

One of the quintessential drinks of fall and winter is the classic Cappuccino. With layers of dark rich espresso and pure white steamed milk and foam, the ideal way to show off this layered drink is with a cup that is transparent to show off the drinks’ various elements. The 8.5 oz Cappuccino Cup from the Coffee Service collection is an ideal vessel. Made from transparent glass with a matching transparent saucer, this cup offers an elegant view of a cappuccino or any other drink be it a fragrant amber colored tea or a deep dark black coffee. This cup is ideal for cafes looking to showcase their incredible drink presentation with layers of appetizing textures and colors, making this cup perfect for capturing the best of your crafted Fall and Winter beverage menu.

The Modern Slim Mug

For those who cannot function properly without a significant amount of caffeine in their system, the 11 oz Slim Mug from the Coffee Service collection is the perfect size for those sporting a healthy caffeine addiction. With an 11 oz capacity and a crystal clear finish this glass is ideal for macchiatos and lattes and for those daring enough, straight black coffee in its purest form. This glass is great for showing off coffee layers and for piling on whipped cream high to the heart’s content. This mug would make any coffee lover happy, especially when paired with a great breakfast or brunch selection. This tall glass filled with hot coffee aesthetically pairs perfectly set aside brunch menu items such as avocado Toast, Belgian waffles, or fluffy stack of pancakes.

The Multipurpose Coffee Tea Cup

For a classic pure white look to showcase coffee or tea, the Accessories 9 oz Coffee-Tea cup is the perfect choice. With its smooth design and elegant handle, this cup is ideal for those who want to simply sit and savor their freshly brewed coffee or delicately steeped tea. The size of this cup makes it a great middle ground for those who love coffee or tea, but in moderation. A cup like this would be a flawless addition to a any establishment’s beverge menu. This cup is perfect to hold a hot cup of coffee or tea, aesthetically fitting for the warmest beverages a Fall or Winter beverage menu carry.

The Moka Cup

One of the most memorable and timeless ways to enjoy coffee is the Italian way, the classic espresso. There is a joy unlike any other when espresso is served in a tiny, elegant little cup with the hot and fragrant coffee within it that packs one heck of a caffeine punch. The Porvasal Moka 2.4 oz cup from the Carla collection is a resplendent example of an espresso cup. With its elegant white color and off-center saucer design it is a visually stunning cup that is sure to elevate expression or even a shot of hot chocolate. This cup is a great addition the cafes that serve espresso or espresso themed beverages in search of a mug that carries just a hint of a modern twist.

The Organic Mug

For a unique but fitting visual, this 12 oz Mug from the Organic collection can make it look like the drinker is not only enjoying the foam on their cappuccino or latte, but actually holding it in their hands. With its stained rim and spots of rich brown all over, the entire mug looks like it is the top of foamy coffee and sure to make anyone smile. With a 12 oz capacity, this mug is the perfect vessel for a variety of hot beverage menu items that hold just the java fix diners are looking for.

Whatever the season or occasion, complete the beverage menu of your dreams with our selection of glassware on our website and through our catalog!

Written by: Raidah Islam

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