Red, White, and Brew: Coffeeware Collections That Will Energize Your Café

Invigorate your 4th of July tabletop with these mugs!

So much about Independence Day is loud, chaotic, and frenzied–the fireworks alone are enough to make anyone crave a soothing cup of tea or coffee! The 4th of July signifies America’s victorious independence, but it’s also a great excuse for families to unwind and celebrate the beginning of summer.

Coffee is an incredibly versatile beverage, so MCIC is on hand to provide your business with a variety of coffee-ware collections that evoke the cheer of the holiday and the coziness of summer! For a holiday centered on celebration and family, no family celebration would be complete without festive and durable coffee-ware!

Showstopping Stand-Alone Pieces

These outstanding coffee-ware pieces are sure to pop among your café’s other cups and mugs!

Clear Glass Mug:

The Coffee Service 11 oz. Mug is simple and classy, the perfect vessel for a classic cup of coffee. Just imagine how good a fragrant cup of chamomile tea would look in this glass mug! The clear glass makes any beverage look enticing, so it’s sure to make even the most basic cup of coffee look as good as it smells. The 11oz mug is the ideal size for a customer who wants a morning coffee that won’t overpower their sleepy taste buds. Summer mornings can be more hectic than others, so this mug is just the right size for the customer who likes their coffee like they like their mornings: Peaceful, simple, and smooth.

Slim Mug:

The Coffee Service 11 oz. Slim Mug is exactly what it sounds like: It’s slim and sleek, but don’t be fooled by the delicate description! This tall mug is packed with power, especially when filled to the brim with a gorgeously-hued hazelnut latte. The taller glass ensures that your customer gets a fully satisfying cup of coffee, one that will give them the boost they need to start their long day of patriotic celebration. Like the clear glass mug mentioned above, this 11 oz. Slim Mug is classically shaped and sophisticated enough for both a morning brew or for an after-dinner pick-me-up. Plus, imagine how refreshing a sweaty iced coffee would look in this mug!

Espresso Mug:

This elegant little espresso mug is small but mighty! 2.5 ounces of rich, aromatic americano in the Coffee Service Espresso Cup is all your guests will need to start their day with a boost as powerful as a firework. When paired with a matching glass saucer, this espresso cup will be the stand-out glassware item on your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) tabletop. Honestly, this snazzy little espresso mug is classy any time of day. If you’re also looking to improve your foam-art game, this mug is the perfect canvas to practice with. There’s nothing like a warm croissant and an energizing espresso first thing in the morning, and topping the espresso with an adorable heart-shaped foam design is sure to make for one happy customer!

Irish Coffee Mug:

We’re not sure who first put coffee and alcohol together, but we’re seriously in their debt! The Coffee Service 8 oz. Irish Coffee mug is so enticing, Irish Coffee should never be served in anything else. Thankfully, you don’t have to enjoy an invigorating cup of coffee just in the early morning hours; the cooler evenings are a perfect time to sit back and relax with a coffee cocktail mixed with Irish whiskey and topped with a light, foamy cream. Sometimes, customers need a little caffeine boost to keep the party going, and Irish Coffee is both soothing and energizing. Bring a warm summer bonfire to your customers in the form of this comforting Irish Coffee mug!

Bright-White Porcelain

There’s never been a better blend of elegance and coziness than with these bright-white and porcelain coffeeware collections, except maybe in your café’s own coffee brews!

Carla Collection:

Carla Collection of coffee mugs looks exactly how it sounds: Gentle, delicate, and refined. These mugs are so simple and elegant, they look like they belong on the pages of a storybook. The 11.9 oz Carla Porvasal Breakfast Cup, in particular, is the ideal vessel for a steaming mug of black coffee. The mug’s bright white coloring is both down-to-earth and sophisticated, and the fact that it is classic porcelain makes it feel even more like it belongs on the tabletop of a cozy English café. The 10.1 oz Porvasal New High Breakfast Cup has a slightly more modern look than its previously-mentioned counterpart, but it’s just as refined. Imagine this taller, sleeker version filled with a cinnamony, freshly-brewed cappuccino, and you get the drink that dreams are made of. With a collection of classic bright-white saucers and mugs to choose from, the Carla Collection is a charming addition to any café tabletop.

Orleans Collection:

New Orleans itself brings to mind joyful festivities and an overall carefree atmosphere, and this collection of bright-white and porcelain coffee-ware is no different. The Orleans Collection is packed with cheerful pieces that reflect a relaxing summer vibe: The Orleans 9oz. Coffee Cup is round and squat, perfect for a much-needed mug of steaming coffee. Its cousin, the regular Orleans 9oz. Cup, is slightly more sophisticated with its delicately-curved rim and elongated handle. This flowery look makes it perfect for a golden cup of tea, whether your customer is in need of an invigorating green tea or a rich rosehip tea. The Orleans 3oz. Espresso Cup is a smaller, slightly-rounder version of the Orleans Coffee Cup, which makes it ideal for your café’s signature espresso. The Orleans 4oz. Creamer is short, squat, and totally cheerful, the perfect addition to an already-endearing collection.

Unconventional Coffee-ware

Be a little imaginative when it comes to how you serve your coffee!

San Marino Hi-Ball:

A Hi-Ball glass may not scream “coffee,” but as any coffee connoisseur knows, the hot beverage is highly adaptable to practically any vessel. The 16oz San Marino Hi-Ball Glass, in particular, is the tall glass your customers will be dying to use for their iced coffees. With glasses as modern and statuesque as these, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your café’s caffeinated creations. Just picture the milky-brown hue of the coffee buoyed by glittering ice cubes; it’s the pitch-perfect beverage to quench your guest’s thirst on a hot day! The smaller (but still impressive!) 12.00oz and 10.25oz. San Marino Hi-Ball Glasses are also great options for your café’s iced beverages, whether you’re serving a classic iced tea or–dare we say it–a frappé-like drink topped with clouds of whipped cream. Whatever you serve in the San Marino Hi-Ball glasses, your guests are certainly in for a welcoming, high-class good time!

Written by Emma Patterson

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