Starting 2021 Off Right: A Toast to the New Year with Timeless Lucaris Titanium Crystal Glasses

Starting 2021 Off Right: A Toast to the New Year with Timeless Lucaris Titanium Crystal Glasses

2020 is almost up, and normal is a bit of a distant memory. While safety and following the most up to date Covid-19 Guidelines has been the main priority and top of mind for all restauranteurs this year and through the Holiday season, this does not have to curtail restaurants and entertainers from rolling out an impressive and elegantly decorated table-top showcasing a New Year’s feast that is bound to lift spirits, whether they may be enjoyed by a small group of diners, or by viewers of a picture-worthy tabletop spread shared through social media in effort to advertise one’s Holiday menu.

When searching for timeless pieces to add to your tabletop presentation, our wide selection of Lucaris Titanium Crystal Glassware offers a memorable and elegant display that is bound leave a lasting impression year round.

The Socialize Champagne Flute

New Year’s just wouldn’t be the same without the quintessential glass of champagne. The Socialize 6.75 oz Champagne Flute from the Lucaris Titanium Crystal collection is the classic shape that cannot go wrong. With its long, elegant stem and tall, clear glass this flute is a gorgeous addition to the New Year’s tabletop that will surely elevate the dining experience. The glass is crystal clear and perfect to showcase any kind of drink from champagne to apple juice for the kids. Cocktails like Mistletoe Margaritas with Silver Tequila and cranberry juice, the Champagne Punch Bellini with champagne and raspberry sorbet, and the Blackberry Ombre Sparkler for a two-toned drink made with blackberries and grenadine. When the clock strikes midnight, this glass will truly sing when clinked together for a toast to the new year and endless possibilities. 

The Desire Sparkling Flute

For something unique to ring in the New Year, the Desire 9 oz Sparkling flute is perfect not only for champagne but other drinks like New Year’s cocktails that include the Red Sparkler made with Vodka and cranberry juice. With its unique tulip like shape this class is ideal for showcasing fabulous, multi-colored cocktails like Jack Frosties made with vodka, prosecco, lemonade, and blue curacao all blended together for a delicious New Years treat, or a fruity option like a Grapefruit Mimosa with pink sanding sugar around the rim. Other cocktails that are going to totally trend on instagram in this glass include tasty treats like the crystal clear French 75 made with gin, fresh lemon, and chilled dry champagne, the Blood Orange Champagne Mule with vodka, ginger beer, and a full slice of blood orange, and Pineapple Coconut Champagne cocktail with pineapple, coconut, and chilled prosecco to name a few. This glass is bound to make a lasting impression with every sip.

The Temptation Champagne Flute

Another glass that is ideal for the New Year eve tabletop presentations is the Temptation 5 oz Champagne Flute which is perfect for those who want to partake in the joyous celebrations, but in moderation with a respectable 5 oz capacity. This glass is elegantly shaped with straighter sides than the previously mentioned Socialize Champagne Flute. With its lighter glass and crystal clear finish this flute is ideal for not only champagne but drinks like the Sparkling Lavender cocktail made with Lavender simple syrup and Gruet sparkling wine, the Ginger Berry Sparkler with ginger beer and cranberries, and the Tangerine Elderflower spritz made with fresh squeezed tangerine juice, St. Germain, and Champagne. This glass is ideal for those who want to enter the New Year with sips of elegance.

The Hip Double Rock Glass

For those wanting to hold onto something a little less delicate than a flute as they ring in the New Year, the Lucaris Titanium Crystal Glassware collection also boasts several sturdy cocktail glasses. The 12.5 oz Hip Double Rock Glass is perfect for drinks meant to last while diners and those tuning in to New Years Eve programming to watch the ball drop. With its elegant and subtle curves, guests can enjoy cocktails like the New York sour, a classic mix of whiskey, simple syrup, lemon juice, and eggwhite all topped off with a red wine floater, the Bourbon Rosemary Punch with Rosemary-infused Aperol that perfectly complements bourbon, honey syrup, grapefruit juice, dry sparkling wine and soda water, and the Midori Melon Ball Drop made with green midori and lemon juice and garnished with the perfect Melon ball, apt to coincide with the ball dropping in Time Square. Pure timeless elegance and bliss.

The Hip Hi Ball Glass

For those wanting to really enjoy a nice long swig of their drink, the 12 oz Lucaris Hi Ball is bound to satisfy. This glass is ideal for those who just want to enjoy a tall glass of beer or punch, but also can serve those who want to enjoy a lovely New Year’s cocktail. This glass is great for showcasing cocktails like Silver Sangria made with white wine and gin, a cocktail aptly named Set Fire to New York made with Bowmore 12-year old single malt scotch and campari, all garnished with a flaming lime shell, and the timeless Bloody Mary made with tomato juice and vodka with the glass being perfect for housing the long stem of celery that is synonymous with the drink. The Hi Ball glass is a timeless addition to any tabletop this coming New Year’s Eve, and is more than up to the task of making this year just as bright and memorable as the last. 

Whatever the season or occasion, complete the tabletop presentation of your dreams with our selection of tableware and glassware on our website and through our catalog!

Written by: Raidah Islam

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