A Perfect Match: The Best Glasses to Pair with Your Cocktail Menu

A Perfect Match: The Best Glasses to Pair with Your Cocktail Menu

For restaurant establishments, while the main menu and the great service are key for making them a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, sometimes the thing that can make a restaurant really take off in popularity is it’s photo worthy cocktails. The great thing about a signature cocktail is that if a patron comes only to enjoy it, there is plenty of opportunity for the cocktail opening the door for them to experience the wonderful food and top-tier service the restaurant has to offer.

The cocktail with its mix of many amazing ingredients isn’t alone in working this magic, pouring the drink into the best class to showcase it seals the deal. That’s where we come in – we’re on hand to showcase some signature glasses that can turn a great cocktail into one that is truly unforgettable. With its partnership to provide glasses to restaurants throughout the New York area, at Master Chef Warehouse, we have a multitude of glass and cocktail combinations to really catch the eye and stay in the memory. 

The Curved Hi Ball and Classic Champagne Glass

Photo Credit: Elea

At Elea Greek Restaurant located in the Upper West East Side, besides showcasing some of the best Greek cuisine on their menu, they also boast a healthy Cocktail and Greek liquor selection for guests to choose from. For this varied drink menu, Elea makes great use of glassware provided by Master Chef Warehouse. One of the glasses that has become a signature at Elea is the 11oz Hi Ball glass from the Soda-Lime glassware Tango Collection. This glass is tall with its sides curving slightly inward to give drinkers the solid grip. At Elea, this glass is used to showcase signature cocktails like the Lavender Collins made with gunpowder gin, lavender, lime juice and tonic, the Hi-Ball’s crystal clear finish showcasing the pale purple hue the lavender added to the cocktail provides. Another drink that the Hi Ball showcases with simple elegance is the White Sangria made with white Cointreau, rose water, pineapple, berries, St. Germain, and Elderberry for a fruit-filled drink the Hi Ball glass is sure to show off and have those who see it want to order one for themselves. 

Another glass that shines at Elea is their champagne glass. A champagne glass such as our Sip 5.5 oz Champagne glass from the Sip Titanium Crystal Collection is the perfect addition to your brunch cocktail menu. This glass with it’s long and elegant stem and equally sweeping “U” shape is ideal for showcasing both cocktails and unmixed drinks equally. At Elea, Champagne glasses are used to showcase drinks like the Bourbon Mint Lemonade made with Woodford reserve, St. Germain, and mint, for a lovely golden cocktail that pairs wonderfully with brunch. At Elea, the Champagne glass is used to showcase authentic Greek liquors like Tsipouro Idoniko, an unaged Greek brandy and Ouzo Barbagianni, a dry anise flavored liquor. Highly photogenic, the Hi Ball and Champagne glasses are utilized fully at Elea and are all the difference in making this Greek Eatery unforgettable to patrons.

The Martini and Hi Ball Combo

Photo Credit: Limani Restaurant

If you’re searching for a timeless martini glass, the 8 oz Roya Martini Glass from the Sip Titanium Crystal Collection is perfect for serving more delicate cocktails. This glass is ideal for serving signature martinis and cocktails, as seen in Limani restautaurant, which is one of the hottest Mediterranean spots in the New York City and Long island thanks in part to the great flavor combinations, and their use of elegant glassware. Limani’s cocktail menu consists of the Mango Martini made with mango flavored Absolut Vodka and fresh mango puree, the VIP-Tini made with pineapple infused vodka, the Fig Cosmo made with Figenza Fig Vodka, Triple sec, cranberry juice and a splash of lime juice, and the Persephone cocktail made with Belvedere vodka, Triple Sec, pomegranate juice, freshly muddled raspberries and freshly muddled limes, that is the perfect crimson showstopper when served with the elegance only a glass such as the Roya Martini Glass can provide.

Similarly classic in style, implementing a Hi Ball such as our San Marino 10.25oz Hi Ball glass can easily enhance your cocktail presentation, and bring the best of cocktail aesthetics to life.

As seen as used by Limani, the Hi Ball is perfect for styling endless cocktail combinations such as their Passionate Punch, the Mediterranean Mule, and the Cucumber Basil Smash. Their Passionate Punch cocktail is aptly named for its ingredients which include passion fruit, Grey Goose vodka, peach schnapps, fresh pineapple juice and cranberry juice, and since it is served on the rocks, the Hi Ball glass is ideal for holding in all that ice and splashes of color. Cocktails could include The Mediterranean Mule which is a signature Limani cocktail made with figenza fig vodka, pomegranate juice, and fresh lime juice, topped with ginger beer and served over ice. And finally the Hi Ball glass is ideal for serving cocktails such as the Cucumber Basil Smash cocktail, made with Hendricks, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, basil & cucumber served over ice, with plenty of room for the many slices of cucumber that are integral to the drink. Whether it be the strong Hi Ball Glass or the more delicate Roya Martini glass, either of these glasses are essential to your cocktail presentation.

The Martini and Rock Glass Duet

Prime 1024 Steakhouse is another restaurant that utilizes the glassware selection available at Master Chef  Warehouse to showcase their delicious and stunning cocktails. Any selection of our Martini or cocktail glasses can step up to the task of making a dinner guests meal even more memorable by showcasing such elegant mixology creations. Martini specific cocktails from Prime 1024 include the Cucumber Martini made with Stoli V, St. Germain, cucumber and lime for a pop of vibrant green color to aesthetically pair with dinner. Cocktail options also include the Paradise Martini made with Flor de Cana Rum, Malibu Coconut rum, pineapple, and orange juice for a literal taste of paradise, as well as their Lychee Martini made with Leischmann’s V, fresh lychee puree, lychee liqueur, and Chambord for a delicate and fresh tasting cocktail to offset the rich and bold flavors from Prime 1024’s dinner menu.

Photo Credit: Prime 1024 Steakhouse

For some added crystalline memorableness to add to your cocktail menu presentation, the Lord 11.5 oz Rock Glass from the Lord collection is a strong and sturdy glass that showcases a truly elegant and beautiful criss-cross cut design that can showcase cocktails with tropical flavors and those with more refined and robust ingredients. The affectionately called “Pineapple” cut glass as seen as used by Prime 1024 for cocktails like the Oaxaca Old Fashioned made with Mezcal, El Jimador tequila, agave and chocolate bitters. With its golden hue, the glass comes to life and almost looks exactly like a pineapple in the glass. The Rock glass can also be used for versatile purposes for serving cocktails such as the Crimson Pomegranate Collins made with Beefeater gin, pomegranate juice, rosemary syrup, and club soda, or the Spicy Passionfruit Margarita made with Jalapeño Infused Tequila, passionfruit and pineapple, as well as the Gold Rush cocktail made with High West Bourbon, honey, lemon and ginger. These cocktails by themselves are terrific, but when paired with an elegantly made and eye-catching glass like the Rock Glass, they become part of what helps Prime 1024 stay legendary among New York’s countless eateries.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the drink presentation of your cocktail menu, or give an instant face-lift to your happy hour selection, you’ll find an endless selection of glassware on our website and through our catalog. From a wide assortment of Cocktail glasses including Hi Balls, Martini glasses, Rock glasses, Cognac glasses, Champagne glasses, and even reinventing cocktails by serving them in traditional Wine glasses, the possibilities to redesign your cocktail presentation are endless!

Request a quote today to work with our team and to begin reinventing your cocktail presentation!

Written by: Raidah Islam

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