Crystalline Perfection: The Perfect Wine Glass To Pair With Red And White Wines

Crystalline Perfection: The Perfect Wine Glass To Pair With Red And White Wines

When it comes to drinking wine, those unfamiliar would believe that it is simply pouring red, white, or anything in between into any kind of fancy glass and sipping it all down. That is simply not the case as there is an actual science and method to not only types of wine, but also the glasses in which it is served. Sometimes the differences are like night and day, while other times it’s a more subtle distinction. Either way, the best way to enjoy a great glass of wine is to pair it with the right kind of wine glass. 

Distinctions between Reds and Whites 

The main differences between red and white wines are the grapes that are used and how they are fermented. For white wines, it is white grapes that are typically used and fermented without their skins while red wines use purple grapes and ferment with the skin intact for a darker, richer hue and taste. According to, the fermentation process is also a great deal different for each type. For red wine, the aging process is done in traditional oak barrels, while with white wine, the aging is done in large stainless steel vats.

Why the Right Glass Matters

Just as red and white wines are created using different methods, so too are the glasses used to enjoy them. According to “The reason to consider your red wine glass shape, white wine glass shape… is that it changes how you perceive the wine – from its bouquet to its body and alcohol to its tannins and acidity. Lighter, more elegant grape varieties and wine styles tend to benefit from smaller glasses. Fuller-bodied and more powerfully flavored wines usually like to flex their power in larger wine glasses.”  

Drinking wine, either red or white should be a full, sensory experience to bring the whole body alive with enjoyment, and Master Chef Warehouse is on hand with several finely made examples of Lucaris Crystal wine glasses  as well as other varities of Crystal Glassware that provide that crisp and clean white or bold and earthy red with the perfect vessel to be enjoyed to the fullest. 

Choices for Those Bright Whites

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Glasses for white wine have a “U” shape to preserve their aromas and maintain that perfect temperature of 50–55 ̊ F. The straighter sides and smaller opening hold in the white wine’s more delicate and subtle scents. The stem of the glass is also longer to help prevent warm human hands from touching the bowl of the glass and unintentionally warming the wine. For any white wine be it Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc, Lucaris Crystal has the perfect wine glass to fully showcase the delicate aromas and tastes. From Lucaris’ Soul Collection, the 11oz Riesling glass is the perfect size for a nice long drink of clean and subtly aromatic Riesling or Pinot Grigio with its delicately curved bowl and elegant stem. For those wanting something a little smaller and more manageable for delicate hands, from Lucaris’ Temptation Collection comes the 8.5oz Riesling glass. With its slightly straighter bowl and shorter stem, it is perfect for those who want to partake in a nice medium glass of white. And finally, for those who love Chardonnay with a passion, from Lucaris’ Hip Collection comes the elegantly designed 14.5oz Chardonnay glass with its perfect “U” shape and extra delicate looking stem, perfect for swirling Chardonnay to release that wonderful aroma and flavor with each sip. 

Choices for Those Bold and Robust Reds

Glasses for red wines are larger with big bowls. The more balloon shaped glass is designed to capture the bolder and complex characteristics of red wine while also allows for better swirling to diminish the bitterness or spiciness of the red wine for a smoother taste and texture as it hits the drinker’s pallet. Red wine glasses are all about maximizing oxidation to develop the robust flavor. For deep red wines like Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Lucaris has several wonderful collections fit for the task. From Lucaris’ Temptation Collection, the 20.5oz Bordeaux glass is perfect for showcasing the deep red wine. With its narrower but no less substantial bowl and delicate stem, this glass is perfect for the obligatory swirling needed to unlock the rich and wonderful flavors of Bordeaux wine to make the pallet come alive. For those desiring some amazing Cabernet Sauvignon, another from Lucaris’ Temptation Collection is on hand, the 16.5oz Cabernet glass is more than ready to showcase the deep and rich flavors with a refined bowl that is just the right size and shape for a subtle swirl. And finally, for those wanting to dive in to the full red wine experience, from Lucaris’ Hip Collection comes the bold and beautiful 30.75oz Burgundy Hip Glass, with its signature wide bowl meant for the full swirling effect to release the incomparable aromas and flavors of deep reds like Burgundy or Merlot, this glass is sure to please the red wine lover in all of us. 

While drinking either red or white wine seems like a simple undertaking, the truth is that it’s not just tipping liquid into any kind of glass and drinking awy, there is a method and science that goes into every glass that is poured. Shape and size matters for each and every type of wine and the goal is to have the drinker experience the wine at its best and fullest. Master Chef Warehouse is on hand to ensure that such experiences are readily achieved with its collections of high end wine glasses by Lucaris. 

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Written by: Raidah Islam

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